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Are you looking for answers to any one of the following questions?

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Why Did He Stop Calling?

Why Did He Pull Away When Things Were Going Great?

Why Did He Suddenly Stop Calling Me After Several Dates?

Why Doesn't He Call After a Great Date?

Why Did He Stop Calling After Three Dates?

Why Did He Stop Calling After We Had Sex?

Is He a Commitment Phobic?

How Can I Make Him Return My Phone Calls?

Where Did I Go Wrong?

How Can I Regain His Interest?

How Do I Get Him Back?

If you’ve checked any of the boxes above, the article you are about to read on this page will be the most eye-opening information about men you’ll ever read.


And as you read this entire page, you’ll start transforming your unstable relationship patterns with men or even your break up into a life filled with love, devotion and commitment!

Did you know that the reason you haven’t been successful at getting him to call you is because you are subconsciously making critical mistakes with your man that cause him to pull farther and farther away from you?


Instead of doing what you absolutely must do in order to pull him closer to you, you are pushing him away!


What I’ve seen in my relationship coaching practice is that hundreds and thousands of women regardless of their age, regardless of where they live, and regardless of the length of the relationship tend to make the same mistakes with men over and over. Ultimately, those mistakes result in one outcome – a man leaves the relationship altogether and finds another woman.


But, don’t worry, if you start acting without procrastination, you can still change it!

Thank you so much Elaine!
The results were simply unbelievable!

I got him back and our relationship is stronger than ever. We are inseparable and more in love than I ever thought possible!

Thanks for all your help!

-- Sarah
Edmonton, Alberta
Sarah and Jordan

Read all of the info from the start when i needed help in the summer, it all worked and we have been happily living together for 7 months now

-- Anne Marie

"Fantastic, truly amazing!

Elaine, your in-depth analysis of men's psychology and your unique ability to teach women how to achieve the love they deserve is beyond compare.

Watching you to have successfully helped hundreds of women better their relationships year after year has been a truly memorable experience.

Every woman who gets to learn from you is incredibly fortunate and privileged."

-- Monique Vasquez
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Whether you’ve just started dating, or have been in a long-term relationship, not knowing how to handle communications with men in a way that make men melt and fall in love with you can cause irreparable damage to your relationship!

But don’t worry, I am going to show you exactly how to make your man call you, chase you, and pursue you in a way that will make him respect you, cherish you and adore you.

There are many reasons why men stop calling at any stage of a relationship.

Inevitably, you start asking questions:

- Is he a commitment phobic?

- What did I do that made him pull away?

- How can I change it now that it seems hopeless?


You Can Make Him Call You! 

Get The First Chapter Of My Book "101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling and What You Must Do About It" by e-mail Right Now - 10 Pages Of This E-Book FREE - Enter E-Mail Here!

why men stop calling book


Does any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? Read and see if you can identify with any of the following scenarios:

Scenario #1

Men Who Don't Call After a Great Date

You go out on a first date with a man you like. He greets you with a big smile. He is gallant, charismatic, and attentive. He is mesmerized with your looks and your words. He compliments you on your choice of wardrobe. He tells you how beautiful you look today. He treats you to a nice dinner at a dimly lit booth of a fancy restaurant. You can feel sparks fly. You haven’t had such a romantic date in a long time. You just know he is into you. And you are starting to feel the same.

He walks you to your car and the two of you can’t help but embrace each other and bask in a passionate kiss good bye.

On the way home you are already imagining what it would be like to introduce him to your friends, to spend time together in romantic getaways, to attend parties together as a couple. And perhaps you are already thinking what it would be like to walk down the aisle wearing a stunning wedding dress. And best of all, you finally feel happy, excited and overjoyed!

This has happened to ALL of us.

But then you go home and wait for his call with excitement and a little bit of anxiety.

You are hoping he’ll call you the following day. But the phone doesn’t ring. No big deal, he is probably busy………….

Two days go by. He is probably “playing it cool” you are thinking. No big deal; he’ll call after three days. After all, men have this “three-day rule”!

But he doesn’t call!

A week goes by.

Still no call.

Why doesn’t he call me?

You are melting your cell phone in your hands. Should I call him? you are asking your girlfriends. What should I say when I call him?

“Maybe he lost your number”, your girlfriends suggest. “Why don’t you call him?”

What happens next is you dial his number. Your voice is trembling. Your head is spinning and you are at a loss of words.

But it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t answer the phone. You get his voice mail instead. Should I leave a message? you are wondering.

“Yes, hi Steve,” you mumble. “This is Suzy. I was just calling to say hi. Please give me a call when you get a chance. I hope to talk to you soon!”

You hang up the phone feeling even worse. What if he doesn’t want to talk to me? But he seemed so mesmerized I could just feel it.

And why did he say he’d call if he wasn’t gonna call me?

A day goes by and he doesn’t call you back. Maybe he lost his phone and hasn’t bought a replacement? You start throwing all kinds of crazy ideas up in the air…………..

What most likely happens next is you start making the most common mistakes that I’ve seen hundreds of women make with their men that push him farther and farther away from you, and finally make him decide to never call you again!

As you read this page I am going to tell you exactly how to stop making those mistakes and what to do instead to maximize your chances for a great relationship with your man.

Scenario # 2

Men Who Suddenly Disappear

A guy takes you out on several dates repeatedly. He calls you all the time. You go out every Friday night and by now you already assume that your every Friday night is reserved for him!

You think that YOU ARE A COUPLE!

One day, Thursday comes and you still haven’t heard from him. You start wondering whether something had happened.

He was so precise calling you every Wednesday for three weeks to make plans for Friday. He even e-mailed you once or twice a week just to check in with you and see how you were doing.

You're absolutely sick of all the men that act this way! Why don’t they just tell you what’s going on? Why do they just disappear on you? You can’t get the answer!

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Scenario # 3

Boyfriend Pulls Away

You date a man for weeks, months, and even years. One day he drops off the face of the Earth. You call him, send him text messages and e-mails, even send him a letter by post.

But he doesn’t answer the phone when you call; he doesn’t return your calls or your text messages.

You just never hear back from him.

You start thinking; perhaps he is a commitment phobic. Or maybe he’s met someone else.

And you just can’t find the answers.

You want an explanation, a closure…. But you never get one….

You start looking for answers….

Unfortunately the more you hear and read the more frustrated and confused you get…

And most importantly, all of those resources don’t provide the answer to your biggest question – why doesn’t he call?

Some resources that you run into are just mysteriously vague and don't seem to offer any concrete answers. Some resources are just so bogged down in heavy psychology that they don't answer your biggest question!

And worst of all is they don’t offer any solution at all!

Let me tell you this; because I am a woman I can UNDERSTAND better than anybody what you are going through when you are in a situation like this!

And because I know what it takes, I can tell you – YOU CAN CHANGE THIS!

Why You Should Trust Me

I am a full time professional relationship coach and an author or several bestselling books on the subject of dating, relationships, love and commitment. Most of my books are written for women, and majority of people who write to me asking me for relationship advice are women.

I have helped hundreds of women achieve happy, loving and fulfilling relationships that every woman deserves. I have helped saved hundreds of relationships and prevented many break ups.

In my practice I also talk to men who come to consult with me about their dating experiences. And they’ve told me all kinds of stories and shared myriads of reasons why they never called women they dated.

Combined with my own extensive research, talking to other relationships specialists, having done a lot of reading, learning and library research, as well as years spent learning about relationships and what makes a man attracted to a woman, how to be a woman men love and want to commit to, I have put all this information together to present this extensive valuable information to you in a format that you can easily take home, learn from it, and refer to it often whenever you have questions about a particular man in your life who doesn’t call you.

What You Are About To Find Out

What I'm about to teach you is the insider secrets about why men stop calling and how to use that knowledge to your advantage in a way that will make your man want you more. A lot more.

If your boyfriend or the man you are dating has pulled away from you, or has broken up with you, knowing just these secrets will make such a powerful effect on your relationship that in no time you will start transforming your rocky relationship or even a break up into a loving, devoted and committed relationship.

The reason why you haven’t been successful at making your man call you or return your phone calls is not because there is something wrong with you. The reasons you are still struggling with making your man call you, ask you out, want to be with you more frequently and think about you a lot more is because you have been unwittingly using incorrect behavior patterns, that subconsciously push away any man you date, now or in the future.

But as you read this entire page, the secrets about why men stop calling women they date... and how to make him want to call you will begin to materialize right in front of you empowering you to new heights in your love life.

Through a long process of private relationship coaching consultations with hundreds of women just like you, I have developed a proven system for making a man call you that actually works.

Don’t spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on couples counseling sessions because in just a few minutes I am going to give you all the answers to your questions why men stop calling and what you must do about it. 

So, Do You want to become the woman he wants to call?

Do You want to become the woman he wants in his life?

Do You want to become the enchanting, mysterious, irresistibly attractive woman that he will be happy to bring into his life, by simply learning certain secrets about men and calling that I am about to share with you?


101 reasons why men stop calling ebook

“101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling And What You Must Do About It”

The Only Guide that tells you ALL possible reasons why men stop calling!

… if you want to know how to make him fall all over for you by knowing these simple secrets about men and calling that most women will never know, then become the privileged owner of a copy of this incredible guide!

Here Is a Sneak-Peak Preview of The

Information You Are Getting:

The quickest way to regain a guy’s interest when he stops calling (read page 13)

Three reasons you should stop calling a guy (read page 14)

Knowing these will instantly help you regain control of your emotions

How women instantly kill a guy’s interest by doing this one wrong thing (read page 19)

Do this thing in the beginning and you lose his interest right away; do this in a long-term relationship – and he will slowly pull away until he completely stops calling you

The greatest contributors into developing long-lasting love and how you can use a simple tactic to bring him closer to you and make him crave you and fall in love with you (read page 17)

This will make you desirable to him even if he is withdrawn and pulling away now!

The feeling of falling in love and being in love the the most intoxicating! By triggering certain attraction triggers you are doing a huge favor to yourself and your man!

He will be more than grateful when you become the woman who makes his heart skip a beat!

You Will Also Find Out…

 What men really say about women who call them too much behind your back (read page 24)

 Why men who take your number end up never calling you, and how to handle this situation with composure to increase your odds at getting him to call you (read pages 27 - 34)

 Why he doesn’t call after a great date and how to greatly increase your chances of getting his call (read page 45)

 Why men stop calling after two or three dates and how to handle this situation so that he will call you again after he’s stopped calling you (read page 52 and page 61)

 Why he stopped calling after dating for several months and how to make him call you again (read pages 63 through 69)

 How can I find out if he is a commitment phobic? (read pages 77 through 82)

 Should women call men first on dating sites?

 What to do when a man says he will call you and doesn’t

 Why did he stop calling after kissing?

 Why doesn’t he call after sex?

 If my ex boyfriend doesn’t take my calls, can I still get him back?

 If he doesn’t answer, should I leave a message?

 If he doesn’t call back, should I call him again?

 Why does he text but never calls?

 He said he’d call but he never did. Why?

 Why do men make plans and then don’t call?

and more…

So, Do You Want to Learn The Secrets

How To Make Him Call You?

What you’re about to learn will give you UNBELIEVABLE POWER in your relationship with ANY man knowing exactly when he will call, why men don’t call, when you need to wait for him to call, how long it will take for him to call, how to avoid being left out in the cold desperately waiting for a call that never happens, and when YOU must take action and call him…………….

Being a long time relationship coach and a writer and has allowed me to gather such wealth of experience and information that I wanted to share it with as many women as could benefit from this information.

I have compiled this information over a long time, and have put a great deal of research, sweat and blood in making this information available. I am making it available to worldwide audience because I want more women to benefit from this in-depth research I have done for women like you!

You need the answers now! You don’t have years to spend searching to acquire this wealth of information.

You don’t have hundreds of dollars to shell out on one-on-one counseling sessions with a therapist.

I really wanted to make this information available to every woman who needs is regardless of where you live.

I found a solution to make this information available to every woman who needs it by putting it all in an e-book format, a book you can download immediately on your computer.

- You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on long-distance telephone calls to me to access the volume of information you are about to get right now

- You don’t need to pay for shipping and wait for the book to arrive in the mail

I have come up with a way to bring this information to you right here on this website. To do this I have hired programmers and web designers to build and maintain this website so that you can have access to this book 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In order to make it as affordable as possible, I only ask that you cover a small fraction of the value you are about to get. This book is only available right here on this website and not anywhere else.

Do you really want to understand why men don’t call, how to change that, how to make him call and how to prevent this situation in the future?

Download 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling And What You Must Do About It

The Ultimate Guide To Phone Calls To Men You Date

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Whatever your situation is, as you finally stop making the same deadly mistakes that have been holding you back with your man and start applying the methods laid out for you in this comprehensive guide, you will have the power to make it all come together.

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