Is He Too Busy To Call Me?

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 I received an e-mail from one of my subscribers:

“Hi Elaine,

The guy I've been seeing casually says he is too busy with his job to call me. He is going through tough time at work and doesn't have the time to see me right now. I called him a couple of times and he never called me back. Then he sent me a text message saying, sorry, been too busy with work. Should I call him to just give some words of support? Do you think if I just ask him how things are with work and show him some emotional support, perhaps he'll be attracted to me more?”

My response:

You shouldn't give more than you receive. He is clearly not asking for emotional support in this area.

Balance is what you need to strive to achieve in your relationships with men. Give and receive equally. If he is ignoring your call and doesn't bother to call you and let you know he can't make it when you were supposed to meet, you need to evaluate your contribution versus his and strive to achieve balance.

Your past experience with the man you stopped seeing creates fear. Fear is number one killer of confidence. It poisons your life. A woman should never act out of fear. You have a lot better chance of getting him back in your life if you don't pester him now that he is busy trying to put his life back together.

Here is what is going on when he doesn't call you – he is trying to solve his problems and get back on track. If you bother him now, this is the kind of signal you are sending – she is needy and insensitive; she doesn't understand what I am going through and she is only concerned with satisfying her need to see me. The fact that you are asking about the job situation is so transparent to him – he'll know exactly that you are trying to re-establish connection under the guise of concern for his job situation. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is what he is honestly going to think. I've talked to hundreds of men and this is exactly how they perceive when a woman makes contact along these lines.

While you are not with him, get busy with your own life and make it more exciting. Then when he does have time for you, you will be a lot more attractive to him now that you really don't need him to be happy. If you have your own happy life, people are more drawn towards you.

Kindest Regards, Elaine Find Out How To Make Him Call On This Page!


2 Responses to “Is He Too Busy To Call Me?”
  1. JessicaExark says:

    Very nice blog. I totally agree with your thoughts.

  2. Arianabusy says:

    I love it! That is way cool man! The steps weren’t that complicated too, which is great.

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