Will He Call? Will He Call Me Again?

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Heart matters are not always easy. Sometimes we go out with a guy we really like and are not sure if he will call again. Honestly I’ve had that happen to me once. I met this great guy for a first date and we hooked up for a one night stand. He was just too cute and hot to pass up.

I knew I should not have done it but alas, I had a couple of drinks and we ended up in a hotel room.

The following morning he dropped me off by my car and asked if I had his phone number. I said I didn’t, so he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed my number. My phone rang and he said, “now you have it”.

“What do you want me to do with it?” I asked. “I don’t call dudes…..” then I halted…” but you can call me if you want”.

The following three days were my worst nightmare. Will he call me again after a one night stand? I thought. Will he call me after our first date for a second date or was it really just a one-night stand?

He sent me a text message three days later! Whole whooping three days! Could not have he waited longer?

By the time he sent me a text message I had completely given up on him! His text message was out of the blue. I guess guys have this three-day rule, or a three-day waiting period. They don’t want to call the girl right after a first date. But for Christ sake! It was a first date and a one night stand in one! Would you call me already!

Anyway, that story ended up well, we actually dated for a whole year (almost) afterwards.

So, if you are thinking, will he call me after a first date? Will he call me again? Will he call me for a second date? Will he call me after a one night stand? or if he is not calling you, check out this page to learn how to practically guarantee he will call you!


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  1. Dave says:

    As a guy I can tell you we do have this rule. Secretly we want you to call us. This particular guy would have been elated if you gave him a call 5 minutes after he left. We need that kind of affirmation. We know if we call you right away then we're probably going to scare you off, or boost your confidence in a way that gives us no shot for you.

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