My Boyfriend Says He Needs Space - What Does He Mean?

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When your boyfriend says he needs space after several months of dating, sometimes even after a year or two of being in an exclusive relationship, it really is a painful experience to go through this type of rejection. What did he mean by that? Does it mean he wants a break up? This article explains what that means when your boyfriend says he needs space and how to deal with this situation at hand.

First of, you need to remember that men, as little boys are not brought up to dream about having a family and children one day. They grow up thinking that once they are adult males, they will have a job and career. That is how their parents raise little boys. So, when your boyfriend says he feels suffocated by the relationship and wants to take some time off, what he really means is that he is at the crossroad and is not sure what to do from here.

The social norms dictate that at some point in his life a man should get married, have a family and bring up good children. But does it mean the fun is over? This is where he is at right now - he doesn't know what he wants.

At this critical time it is important to make the right steps to make sure you don't turn him off completely and lose him forever.

If he stopped calling you, you should read it as a sign that he is re-evaluating your relationship. Calling him and asking for an explanation at this critical time will only make it worse. Instead you can learn how to use the hidden psychological triggers to make him call you explained at Make Him Call

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One Response to “My Boyfriend Says He Needs Space - What Does He Mean?”
  1. Marielle Martins says:

    My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost three years, we are both divorced and have children. our children have bonded with each other and we thought we were one big happy family. then he siad I need some space. he recently started his own buisness and there are some unsetteled things with his x. I am so scared that this is goodbuy. what should I do?

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