Why Didn't He Call After a First Date? Great Date But He Doesn't Call

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So, you just had a fantastic date and you thought the guy was going to call you for a second date...

And you want a long enough to start worrying...

What happened? You ask. Why did he never call me again?

See, there are many reasons why men stop calling after a great date and you can read more about it at Why He Doesn't Call

Now, if this was just your first date, you need to realize that he may be a serial dater.

There are several different ways you can tell if the guy you've just met is a professional dater who is just online to have fun and to meet one woman after another without ever settling with anyone...

..not even you!

One sure fire way to tell he is a serial dater is if he ends the date early enough so he can run back and check his new e-mails from a dating site he is on.

How can someone possibly enjoy your current date with someone if he is already thinking about who he is going to meet next?

Another way to tell if a guy is a professional dater is when he has a hard time choosing between a second date with a woman he's met already and a new woman.

Serial daters live for the thrill of going on as many dates as they possibly can.

This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction down the road when you have already met everyone withing driving distance from your home town.

Now, if this was the case with the man you've just men, just forget about him. To learn more about the secrets why men stop calling, visit Why He Doesn't Call or to learn about how to find a man who is looking for something serious, go to Find a Husband

Good luck!

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