Why Men Don't Call – Why They Don't Call You And What To Do When a Man Doesn't Call

August 30, 2009 by  
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That phone call you've been waiting for is not happening and you are asking yourself, why don't men call me? Is there something wrong with me that makes men turn away from me? What did I do? And most importantly is there a way to make him call me?

You are waiting for a phone call from a guy that never happens. But wait! There is a better way! You actually can make a guy call and there are right and wrong ways to get a guy to call you.

The wrong way would be to call him over and over until he finally gets annoyed, answers the phone and tells you he is going to get a restraining order against you if you ever call him again!

This is obviously not the best way to handle the situation! Of course, you got him to call you, but the ultimate goal of yours here is not to just get him to call you, but actually make him WANT to call you! This is the key!

Please understand that if a guy doesn't call, this is not because you did or didn't do something. This is simply because he doesn't want to call you.

But how do you actually make him want to call you, chase you and pursue you? There answer is on this page! Click Here Now!

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