He Stopped Calling Me. Should I Call Him?

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If you have ever found yourself in a situation whereas the guy you have been seeing for a while stops calling you, you may be wondering why did he stop calling, and most importantly, what should I do in this situation? The answer may surprise you.

Here is a typical situation. You meet a guy through a friend, at a party, etc. You chat, perhaps kiss and generally spend a great time. He doesn't give you his number so you go out on a limb to get his phone number from a mutual friend of the host of the party that you met at.

You call him and it seems to go well. So you get encouraged and start calling him more. He seems to enjoy chatting with you and you end up talking on the phone once or twice a week or even more often.

Perhaps you even decide to meet up for a drink, or go on a date or a few. And then you start to notice that he is pulling away. You start to wonder, what's going on? Why is he suddenly not returning my calls? How can I get him to call you?

Generally you must know that a man who is interested in you in the first place will always take your number. It doesn't matter if you and he seem to enjoy your meeting, your conversation, and it doesn't matter even if you kiss.

If he wanted to see you again or ask you out on a date, he would have asked you for your phone number. You have demonstrated that you like him and enjoy hanging out with him. You even kissed! This is enough information for him to decide that you may very well be interested in seeing him again.

But why doesn't he call when he seemed to be receptive to his calls at first?

The answer is clearly because he simply went with the flow but did not necessarily want to date you. It doesn't matter if he is just not at the place in his life where he is ready for dating or a relationship or if you are just not his type.

Don't take it personally but be sure to make a note that if a guy doesn't call you, doesn't ask you out, and doesn't date you, he is not interested in you romantically. Period!

Even if you have gotten his phone number from a friend and it went well in the beginning, a man who was not attracted to you romantically will not usually change his mind.

Another thing is that if you were the one to pursue him, he may have changed his perception of you for the worst.

But if you want to know how to get any guy to call you regardless of the situation and if you are prepared for the risk of taking his direct rejection, read this page to learn the strategies for making any man to call you.


One Response to “He Stopped Calling Me. Should I Call Him?”
  1. Michelle says:

    I think some women are just totally clueless when it comes to men, and they shouldn't be allowed to date unsupervised. But men are pigs and should just come out and say how they feel.

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