Should You Call Him? The Reasons Why You Should Not Call Him and When You Should

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If you are asking, should I call him or not, chances are the man in your life is not calling you. All too often we feel why not pick up the phone and give him a ring. What’s the worst thing that can happen? In this article I wanted to give you some reasons why you should not call a guy and when you should, or can call a guy you are dating or want to date.

The reason we hear this a lot that women should not call men first is because if the guy you’ve just met is interested in you, he will call you. Plain and simple. If he was interested in a romantic relationship with you, he knows it is his job to call you first.

If you call him first and he doesn’t answer you will be anxious to hear back from him, and if he doesn’t call you back and you really like this guy and want him to call you, you will end up being hurt.

On the other hand if you call him and he does call you back, you may end up going out and even have a relationship. Then you will be saying, wow am I glad I called him.

However, when you call a guy first you will never be absolutely a hundred percent sure that he would have called you had you not called him. This can lead to insecurities.

Unless you are a confident woman who has thick skin and knows that no matter what, your self-esteem is not going to suffer even if he never calls you back, don’t call him.

If you really don’t care what he thinks about you and don’t really care much if he calls you back, then by all means give him a call. At least you will know that he is not interested.

Those who give you advice to never call a guy first depart from the perception and preconceived assumption that you like this guy very much. If you like this man a lot, chances are great that whatever he does, he has an impact on your feelings and how you feel about yourself.

If you met a guy and went out once or twice and you don’t feel that strong physical attraction and that ‘maybe a forever’ feeling, but just like to hang out with him and keep him as a friend, then by calling him you are not hurting your self-esteem in any way. He simply doesn’t have what it takes to make you really nervous.

But if the guy in question is someone you really truly like and you don’t want to call him first, then you definitely should not call him.

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