Boyfriend Does Not Call You Back

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So, your boyfriend doesn't call you back after you've called him, perhaps even several times. You are wondering if you should call him instead, or perhaps call him again and find out what's going on. If you have found yourself in a situation similar as one described below, read this article very carefully.

You met a guy a few months ago now. He took you out on a handful of dates, you stayed at his house a few times and you had great time together. Perhaps he called you or texted you several times a week, or at least a couple of times a week and you always knew that he would call you.

Perhaps you have been going steady or maybe he nature of your dating has been sporadic and intermittent. It cooled off a bit, but there was still some texting and calling on his part.

You were expecting him to call you but Friday came and you still haven't heard anything. So you text him. You still don't hear anything and it has been 10 days later.

You call him again and it goes to the voice mail. You said " hi, just ringing to check that you are ok?'

Another day goes by and you still haven't heard form you and it's just really unlike him and a bit out of character for him not to at least call or to follow up after making plans to see you. So, you call him again just to check that nothing had happened and he is alright.

You receive no response to that.

I just don't understand why he hasn't had the decency just to call and explain.

You've been waiting and waiting for his call, but the phone never rang. After several days or even weeks of disappointment it has become clear that he is not going to call. That's when the question, should I call him? becomes so critical.

You start looking for answers on how to make a man call when he doesn't call you. You ask your friends and they give you all sorts of advice, and most of the time their advice is controversial.

You may be thinking that if you don't call him, you may not see him ever again. And your friends are probably suggesting, why don't you call him? You can't make a bad situation worse if you call!

One of the reasons men stop calling is that he has met someone else and has a new girlfriend. You may have the urge to call him and confront him, but don't! If this is the situation at hand, then you are going to make it worse by calling him and confronting him about it. It is best to leave it as it is and hope that you get over him sooner rather then later.

There are many reasons why men stop calling but if he stopped calling because he has found a new love interest, you are only going to make the situation more messed up if you call him on this.

Before you dial his number I want you to read every word on This Page because once you learn the reasons why men stop calling and how to deal with the situation when your boyfriend doesn't call you, you will gain the power and control over the situation, so go ahead and read This Page!


One Response to “Boyfriend Does Not Call You Back”
  1. Kay says:

    Exactly, but it's so frustrating because you will never know what the other party really thinks. Then it might become unrequited love.

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