What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Ignores You

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If you are looking for answers to the ancient question "what does it mean when your boyfriend ignores you" I've got the answers for you. Sometimes you feel like your boyfriend is ignoring you, doesn't call you, doesn't respond to your text messages and doesn't return your phone calls. It is understandable to feel ignored, so read This Page to learn exactly how to handle your boyfriend when he is ignoring you.

If your boyfriend has been overall responsive, calling you and texting you all the time, you may feel a little bit neglected when all of a sudden his calls become less frequent. You may overreact thinking that since his calls dropped from five times a day to only once or twice a day, that means he is pulling away.

By over-reacting you are not accomplishing the desired results. You must understand that in order to keep this relationship from falling apart, you need to give your boyfriend room to breath. If you demand that he calls you five times a day, you may be making it difficult for him to have a relationship with you.

Sure we all want to spend all our time on the phone, or even next to the new boyfriend, but if you spend all your time with him, he may get tired of you too soon. You must understand that he will always call you when he truly feels like it. You, in turn must create the environment in which he wants to see you more and call you more.

To learn how to make your boyfriend want to call you more, and see you more, read This Page


One Response to “What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Ignores You”
  1. Tiffany says:

    Well,i got out of a relationship in july and i recently started to date this new guy the middle of september,he called all the time and had no excuses to see me and hang out,he always lets me know how much he loved being around me and how im so positive and he likes me sooo much,he even got close to saying the LOVE words but said he wanted to know for sure and be positive before he used such words.recently ive noticed distance he calls maybe once or twice a week,i see him maybe once a week. so i brought it up to him that this isnt the relationship that im used to because im used to being around my bf alot and if not around then atleast talking on the phone once a day is all i really ask but he still falls short,im actually thinking about breaking it off,should i or no?

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