Why Men Always Disappear

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If you have been dating for at least a few months, you know by now that men HAVE A TENDENCY to 'drop the ball' so to speak right in the middle of what seemed to be a budding relationship.

It could have been online; it could have been after you met and he said he'd call you but never did; it could have been after a first date that went great; it could have been after several dates, or even after dating exclusively for weeks and even months.

Why do men do this? Why do they ALWAYS disappear and you never hear a word of explanation?

You'd much rather know what went wrong and why he acted like this. And the question you want to know the answer to most is, will he call me ever again or should I just move on?

You know you can't sit and wait forever. You know you are a desirable woman who deserves to find a man who will adore you and love you unconditionally.

But this guy seemed so great!

We all know, good men are a dime a dozen, but you want that particular one who doesn't call!

If you want to just know why he disappeared, here is the answer:

Men do not like 'drama'. They don't want to see and hear you cry; they don't want arguments and fights; they are afraid to invite drama of dealing with an upset woman. So, they just disappear and never call you again hoping that you will never call them!

They are hiding their heads into the sand and pretend you don't exist. They move on and find a new romantic interest, but when you call them, and if you are lucky enough to have hidden your caller ID, and the disappeared man answers your call, he won't tell you he's moved on because he doesn't want all the drama that comes with it. He is just hoping that you will 'get it'.

Yes, the key word here is – 'get it'. See, men want women who 'get it'. Yes, their secret desire is to find a woman who will 'get it'. And if he thinks you don't get it, he will not want to deal with explanations. And perhaps he doesn't know why he just doesn't feel it anymore. It just doesn't feel right.

So, there you have it; he was interested at first; you saw each other however many times; as he got to know you he realized that there was something missing, and that you are not the one who 'gets it'; he moved on.

He doesn't dwell on it; but unless you have been in a serious relationship; and sometimes even when you were in fact in a serious relationship, he doesn't feel that you need an explanation, because he is hoping that when he disappears on you and doesn't call you, you will for a change 'get it'.

There are always reasons why men disappear. Knowing those reasons can help you prevent this type of situation in the future. This Page explains many reasons why men stop calling, and what you must do to prevent this from happening and how to make him call you again, even if you haven't heard from him in a while, so ==> Click Here To Read Now!

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