He Calls But Disappears Every Time

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Have you ever been in a relationship with a man who calls you only once in a while and asks to see you on occasion but then disappears?

You’ve tried giving him space. You want to be a cool girlfriend, so you don’t pester him when he doesn’t call you. You wait patiently. You try to keep busy and to keep your mind off of him until the next time he calls. You think that by not pushing him to call you more you will give him the opportunity to realize how much he misses you and to want to see you more regularly, so you wait and wait.

Weeks go by but your encounters do not become more frequent. It’s been several months now but your relationship does not seem to progress. He still calls you sporadically. He still doesn’t ask you for commitment.

Yes, the patience model can be good; but only in the beginning of dating. After weeks and months of dating your relationship should progress to where he calls you all the time and you see each other more than twice a month or once a week.

After several weeks of dating it should become clear that the man you are seeing is your boyfriend. And being a boyfriend means keeping in contact regularly, and assuming that you do things together; not all the time, but more often than not.

You may think he is your boyfriend because when you are together your time is precious. The sex is great, and the romantic things he says and does feel good.

And you think that he loves you because clearly he tries to please you. But you can’t seem to get him to take his responsibility in a relationship.

The truth is that he doesn’t do more and doesn’t take full responsibility of a relationship is because you are patiently allowing it!

The truth is that when we women allow men to slack men will get comfortable and do less and less. They will only do as much as necessary for you to stay with them! And men will do it as long as you allow them to; sometimes for years!

I’ve known a woman who was in this type of a relationship for thirteen years! And when she got older he finally dumped her for someone younger!

Ask yourself, do I really want to end up in this position? Do I really want to invest months and years of my time into a relationship that doesn’t EVER progress anywhere? Or is it time I take my own destiny in my own hands?

Sometimes we need to be assertive to speak up for what we believe in. Sometimes men need a push to step up to the plate. You don’t need to say a word to him, because when you have the serious talk men perceive us as drama queens. What you need to do instead is to show by your actions that you will not tolerate sub-par treatment from him. On this page I give you a simple to follow step-by-step plan how to deal with a wishy-washy man to get him to step up to the plate – Click Here To Read How!

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