Should You Text Him After a Date 3 Reasons To Text a Guy After a Date

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Should you text a guy after a date is a commonly asked question. Although in my book 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling and What You Must Do About It I advise that you wait for the guy to make contact after a first date, here are the reasons why you should text a short thank you note to a guy after a date:

You should text him a ‘thank you’ if this is NOT your first date

You should text ‘thank you’ if the guy took you out and made arrangements to do exactly what you wanted to do or what you enjoy doing to please you

You should text a ‘thank you’ note if, in addition to the first two reasons above he also paid

As you can see, there is nothing bad that can come out from texting a guy to thank him when it is clear that he likes you and wants to see you again, when he went out of his way to do what you enjoy and paid for things on a date.

It is rude not to thank him after a date unless you already thanked him at the end of the date.

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6 Responses to “Should You Text Him After a Date 3 Reasons To Text a Guy After a Date”
  1. Gina says:

    I find texting a little impersonal. I feel if a man has done all of the above, an in-person, F2F (face-to-face), look into his eyes with a warm and sincere smile from the heart stating "I really had a nice time hanging out with you and thanks for the dinner, movie, etc." is a lot more conveying and fulfilling immediately after a date has ended rather than a follow-up via text message.

    Unless a guy is at work bored stiff in a meeting, wants to keep the conversation private because he's in a doctor's office, in a loud environment while hanging out with the guys but wanted to check in, etc, etc........I find anyone trying to have a conversation via text glares a low-light on preferring to hear the sound of my voice that comes with more of a personal touch.

    Typically when I text a guy instead of calling it means I dont want to be bothered with a formal conversation; can end communication quickly, checking to see if he's at a breaking point to talk directly, or.... just not into him anyway and responding out of boredom.

    With all of the human senses being sparked and alive, I'd much rather have the F2F contact with a man I'm interested in rather than relying on technical communication. That'd feel about as good as a marriage proposal via email.

  2. Naomi says:

    Gina, I totally get your point and that's exactly how every girl would like to be treated. But truth is nowadays, men find more comfortable communicating thru text messaging, than talking over the phone. Remember they are not as verbally talented as us. LOL So rather than informal they might find this, comfortable. I will definetely get "Should I text him" as "101 reason why men stop calling" won't work in my case, as the one I'm dating, is far away (phisically).

  3. Gina says:

    True, but the easy antidote for that is to not respond. Let be known, otherwise he'll get the hint.

  4. nina says:

    I have this one guy I'm interested in but I have a hard time communicating with him. We both are college students and tend to be a bit busy. I'm working on my bachelors and he his Masters. When I text him, it takes him a while (about 15-20 mins) to text back. And I'm trying to catch his interest but I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

  5. DD says:

    I'm into a guy I've know for years. We live in different countries. He is a busy professional, travels a bunch, spreads himself thin, has two young children with a woman whom he was together with for 10 years -- but never married to. He has total contact with her, they live near, and he monetarily supports both she andthe kids... but their relationship is volatile (& non sexual). We are In Touch but not that often (& certainly less than I'd like) maybe Once a week? I don't want to keep reaching out, so recently, I ignored a phone call from him and 3 days later he called again, and again the next day. I called him back and told him I've been busy. I tend to act cool with him, when actually, I'd really love to be seriously with him and let him know. I hold back my truth. How do I do that when he complains about the stresses of his life, has a complicated situation in anther country, and also tells me how he is no good at complex relationships? I get silent and dumbfounded.

  6. Rachael says:

    So what should I text my other half to make him think about me more and fall in love with me deeper?

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