What Happens When You Don't Call Him

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Have you ever obsessed over a man who isn’t calling you?

Have you ever wondered if you should call him or wait for him to call you?

Perhaps you already know that calling a man who isn’t calling you isn’t a very good idea. But what should you do? Should you just wait for him to call you?

And what should you say when he finally calls you?

All of these questions as well as many other questions about calling a man in your life, whether it’s your boyfriend or just a man you are dating, are answered Here>>> on This Page>>>

Here is an email from one of the readers of the book 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling & What You Must Do About It:

Hi Elaine,

I purchased your book online when my boyfriend suddenly stopped calling me.

I knew he was very busy working, but that had never stopped him from calling me or at least texting me throughout the day.

The night before he stopped calling me I called him several times. He did answer the phone, or when he couldn’t answer the phone he called me back when he could and when he had the time.

Last time we spoke that night he said he’d call me in the morning but the morning came and went, and there was still no call from him.

That was out of character for him. He usually calls when he says he will.

I was agonizing whether I should call him or not, and started browsing online for answers.

I came across your website and downloaded your book which I read immediately.

I have to say that your book is amazing!

It gave me a peace of mind, and it explained to me not just the fact that I shouldn’t call a man when he doesn’t call me, but also what to do when he finally calls me!

That was the most critical piece of information I really needed because before I read your book I was furious and wanted to let him have it!

I am glad I read your book before I had a chance to speak with him! That really saved my serenity and prevented me from flying off the handle!

He finally texted me later in the day saying he couldn't believe that we had not spoken all day. I guess me not calling or texting him made him wonder about me.

I didn’t respond to his text as he was just saying he’d call me later.

He did call me in the evening apologizing for not calling me during the day and saying that he was very busy.

I acted just like you recommend in your book, and my boyfriend told me I was the best girlfriend ever! (his words)

He also thanked me for being so patient with him and kept admiring my response to him when he finally called.

Thank you so much for writing your wonderful book!


If you want to know more about what to do when a man doesn’t call you, why men stop calling and how to go about it in a way that will bring your man closer to you instead of pushing him away, READ THIS PAGE>>>


2 Responses to “What Happens When You Don't Call Him”
  1. padmini nia tillu says:

    What I say and do makes him angry and he thinks I am the one that is angry so nothing goes between

  2. clara says:

    Must you always answer his calls

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