How To Tell If He Will Call You 3 Sure Fire Ways To Tell If He Will Call You

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When you are anxiously waiting for a man to call you may be going crazy not knowing whether he will call you or not.

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Here are three sure-fire ways to tell if the guy you’ve been waiting to hear from will call you:

1. You have gone out on at least two romantic dates

One date doesn’t make a man obligated to call a woman. Most likely if a man isn’t all that impressed with her on a first date, he won’t call back. But if he took her out on a second date, unless she did or said something that turned him off, this is almost a guaranteed a call back. So, if you went out on two dates and are wondering he is going to call you, you can relax because most likely he will.

In the unlikely event that you did or said something that made him change his initial opinion of you he is nearly guaranteed to call.

2. He will call you if he likes you physically and thinks that you like him too.

For a man to stay encouraged to call a woman these two requirements are essential. If he doesn’t find her physically attractive he won’t call. But if he does, he needs to also make sure that she likes him back. If he thinks she doesn’t he will feel that by asking her out again he is wasting time.

3. He will call you again if he assumes that you might be an easy prey he can easily get to go to bed with him next time he sees you. If you ever wonder how come a man keeps sleeping with you but doesn’t want anything serious the obvious explanation is that the only reason he continues seeing you is to satisfy his physical need. A man will often continue seeing the woman he is sleeping with while he is looking for someone who is right for a committed relationship.

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