Why Doesn't He Call Me?

So are you baffled asking yourself over and over, why doesn't he call me? He said he'd call but he hasn't... will he call me again or what? If you are asking yourself some of these questions, read this article that explains some of the things you need to know about men and how men perceive calling women they date.

First of all, remember that men and women view phone calls completely differently. If he said he'd call you for business, he probably will. Sooner or later he'll call you, and when he is going to call you and how soon he is going to call you will purely depend on how important this business is to him.

But what if you met him at a party, a social gathering or even online? Perhaps you had a first date with this man and at the end of the date he said he'd call you. You were thinking that calling you means that he is going to call you sometime very soon. Perhaps the next day, or even that same evening. And you are sitting by the phone for three days and he still hasn't call.

Well, I've got all the answers for you right on this page, so Click Here Now to learn why men don't call and what to do to make him call you!