Should I Call Him? Why Don't Men Call?

Is your boyfriend playing games he does not return your phone calls? When your boyfriend ignores your phone calls you are tempted to call him again. But not knowing the reasons he stopped calling can lead to a disaster. Not knowing how to handle calling men you are dating has caused disastrous consequences and even break ups.

Have you ever had a relationship that ended abruptly with the disappearance of your man? He was someone who seemed just perfect for you. He led you to believe that you two are about to turn into a great couple -- until one day he just stopped calling and ignored your messages.

How soon should a boyfriend return phone calls? It really depends on your specific situation. If your boyfriend won't return phone calls, there are things you must know about men that determine your plan of action you must take when a man doesn't return your calls.

Why boyfriends don't call? I receive lots of e-mails from women all over the world asking me what to do when your boyfriend doesn't call or text.

A man who doesn't return calls always has a reason for doing or not doing so. I remember a line from a movie whereas a woman calling her friend sobbing. When her friend asks what's going on, she says, Why didn't my boyfriend text me back? My boyfriend doesn't return phone calls! What should I do to make him call me? And her friend says, what was the last thing you told him when you spoke to him? Don't ever call me again or else I will get a restraining order!

Ok, this was a comedy, but in real life, what was it that you said last time you saw him? Did you have an argument? Did you fight? Did he seem upset when you said or did something?

Think about the reasons that cold have lead to this situation and many times you will see what made him stop calling you.

But what if you simply can't think of anything? What if he stopped calling you after dating for weeks or even month? Sometimes men just stop calling cold turkey and avoid explanations. What should you do?

Why He Stopped Calling explains all possible reasons for a man to not call a woman he is dating beginning from the very first date into a committed relationship, as well as the strategies any woman can implement to increase the chances of getting him to call.

Here are some things that you will learn in this guide:

What does it mean when a boyfriend is not returning phone calls?

When a boyfriend doesn't call first & General advice for dating and returning phone calls

What to do if your boyfriend doesn't call you & What will happen if you don't call your boyfriend

If he doesn't return phone calls there is a plan of action for each situation. There is a plan that you can implement starting immediately although you will see the results gradually.

"When He Doesn't Call" is an inspiring book that enlightens and educated women about calling men in dating, answers all kinds of questions women typically have about men and calling men in relationships and gives you the best possible strategies to make your man call you.

Some questions women asked and found answers in this book are:

  • boyfriend doesn't call me, what should I do?

  • he doesn't call to cancel a date but doesn't show up – this is a question many women have asked. How do I handle this situation?

How can you make an ex boyfriend call me – this is a tough one, so get the book and send me an e-mail because each situation is unique. Describe your situation. There are too many reasons and many times they lie beneath what most people will see, but I have been educating women for a very long time and have proof that those who listened to my advice have gotten outstanding results. They write to me from all over the world to say, hey thank you so much. At first I hesitated but I did what you suggested and it worked!

Some women wrote to me asking these types of questions:

My ex boyfriend doesn't call, what do I do? How do I make my ex call me?

How to make a boyfriend call more?

If I have no contact with ex boyfriend after two years, is it possible to make him call me?

My ex boyfriend doesn't even return my calls anymore – I access each specific situation. While the book 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling gives you the guidelines, write to me and tell me your story. I am sure by now that I have helped thousands of women all over the world I have an answer for you.

Some other situations in which you will need to read this book; your ex doesn't contact you, how to make your ex want you, will ex boyfriend call?

Sometimes I receive e-mails asking me to make a spell to make him call or prayers to make an ex call you. While I do not specialize in magic spells or prayers, this is the book that will give you a straight up answers to make your boyfriend call you.

How to forget ex-boyfriend if he doesn't call? Is another question I receive frequently. I would say, let me hear your story and I can tell you if you should grief and mourn to forget your ex boyfriend or if there is a chance to get him back.

Should i call my ex boyfriend if I want to get him back? This is another frequently asked question. Again, read the situations and the solutions for each situation in this book which explains what to do when he doesn't call back. There are situations when you should call him, and at the same time there are situations when you should not, so read the book and find your situation and the solutions for your specific situation or similar to yours and it will give you the answers you need.

How to not call your ex boyfriend? I think I have given the inspirational guideline on not calling when you should not call him. I personally think that the way this book is structured it gives you the strength not to call him when you should not, and the strength to pick up the phone and actually make that call when you should.

Some other topics discussed:

Boyfriend never calls – is he really your boyfriend?

Boyfriend doesn't return my call

My boyfriend hasn't called in two weeks

Boyfriend not returning calls

Boyfriend doesn't call as much

How to make him want to call you

Is it good to tell your boyfriend he forgot to call?

Should you contact your boyfriend after a certain period of time?

How to call your ex boyfriend and when you should call him

Reasons why your boyfriend wont call you back

What to do when your ex calls – does he want you back?

My boyfriend hasn't called me in months – what does it mean?

Why my boyfriend never pick up my call anymore – ahh, you really need to read this book

If he hasn't called it a while it may seem to you like a disappearing act. How do you deal with a disappearing act like this will determine how much power you have in a relationship with your man and whether you can take it to something more meaningful than just casual dating.

In my book Find Your Future Husband I discuss how to meet and attract men, how to find a man who wants commitment, and how to show him that you are the one for him. But if you went out on a date with a man you liked and he is not calling you back, you will find answers why in my book 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling. I have to give you a warning that what you will read is no sugar coating answers so be prepared.

Can you make him call you? In most instances there are ways to make him call you, so what you will learn in this book is exactly that – how do you make him call you even if he has not called in a long time.

It appears to me that most women sabotage their relationship potential by not knowing how to handle phone calls to a man they date.

Boyfriend does not call for a week? Learn why and what to do in this situation.

Some other topics covered in this book:

Men who contact you on dating sites first and then disappear

Men who don't call after a first date – learn why this happens (multiple reasons) and how to deal with it

Men who date you sporadically and then drop off the face of the Earth – how do you make him call you again

If he was supposed to call and didn't – he is blowing you off – how do you deal with it to regain his interest and make him call you again

In addition to these topics covered I discuss how to recognize that you are dating a player and what to do in this situation.

I also discuss patterns of commitment phobic men and how to recognize those as well as how to deal with commitment phobic men, how to prepare yourself for this situation so that you can ensure the best possible outcome of your relationship with a commitment phobic. There is a long chapter about commitment phobia and men who are afraid of commitment.

When a man suddenly stops calling, there is a chance that he is a commitment phobic. Unfortunately not every woman will recognize that especially if this is the first time you are in love with a commitment phobic man. In those situations there is a way to bring him closer together but most women accidentally act in a way they drive the man even further away. Learn how to bring him closer instead of pushing him away in this book.

Some testimonials I have received from women who read the book:


Your book is amazing! You’ve covered all the bases in such great depth that I can’t think of any reason that would exist for a man to stop calling a woman other than the 101 reasons that you have explained in your book in such detail.

You use a no-nonsense, no sugar coating approach to all the things that men have shared with you over the years, combined with your research into the subject matter and your experience as a dating coach and a writer to present information to your reader that is so rich in details that it does not leave anything out.

I especially love the fact that each chapter provides a list of solutions to every one of the issues raised. This book should be a national bestseller and a must-read for each and every single woman alive!

Thank you so much for sharing!


Santa Clara, CA

I wish I had read your book before I got involved with a commitment phobe. He dragged me along for months, come here-go away and I just couldn’t understand what he was up to. I thought it was something that I did wrong every time he stopped calling. After reading your chapter about the patterns of commitment phobic boyfriends I know I should have come across your book a long time ago instead of wasting my time on a man who is not worth it!

Thank you so much for writing it and for the inspiration you gave me. I will print out and keep your book on my desk as a Bible and next time one of the situations described in your book happens to me (I certainly hope it won’t because now I will follow your advice and try to avoid the mistakes I have made in the past), but now I will know exactly how to respond to each given instance!



If you are asking yourself:

Should I call my boyfriend?

How to get my ex boyfriend to call me?

How to get ex boy friend back?

When boyfriend doesn't call for days, weeks and even months – what does it mean? What are the reasons? Is it possible to make him call me?

If you are looking for solutions on how to make him call you, or how to make your boyfriend call you more, boyfriend hasn't called; should i call him? And much much more.

You can download the book at this website

If I Am Dating Him Should I Call Or Wait?

Dating and relationships can be complicated. It is especially difficult to find all the answers in the beginning of a relationship, when nothing is clear and the woman is not sure how to handle a situation with a man she is dating. One of the most commonly asked question women ponder is whether they should call the men they are dating, how to handle telephone calls to and from a man, and what is the calling protocol for calling men in a dating relationship.

Women write to me often asking me all those calling related questions in all possible variations. First of all, many women want to know why men do not call after the first date. I understand that by first date women mean a date that occurred after initial introduction via an online dating site. That is the question that tortures women the most. Meeting a man online is already much different from meeting someone via traditional channels, such as friends' introductions, meeting at a bar or a restaurant, or through work. When you meet a man via traditional channels, you can pretty much say with assurance that after the first date he'll call you unless some sort of disaster happens on your first date. But when you meet a man on a dating site, chances are the first in-person impression will be made when you actually meet on a date.

But what if you really like the man you met for the first time and you really want to call him. How to handle calls, e-mails, text messaging and instant messaging a man you would like to date? If all else fails, there are simple strategies that you can exercise in order to start a relationship with a man you really like. There is only so much you can do, and you need to make sure you don't overdo. By overdoing you are not getting anywhere. In fact, a potential dating relationship may fail before it even starts.

101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling” deals with all different aspects of calling and otherwise interacting with men in a dating relationship, beginning with the first date, to a casual dating relationship, to a committed relationship.

I certainly hope that you will utilize the tactics to your advantage and build a healthy relationship with your man by putting that information to work.

Should I Call My Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Call? Dating Advice for Women

Download “101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling” - visit website

Calling a new man in your life is tricky business. As always, when you first start dating someone you are not sure if the person shares your feelings. You don’t want to come off too strong and too fast. But what if the new man in your life perceives you as not interested in him if you don’t call him at all and always wait for him to call first? And what to do if the man you’ve just started dating sends you a text message? Should I call him or text him back, you ask. Should I always wait for him to initiate contact with me or should I go ahead and let him know that I am interested in seeing him?

Some men like to receive some sort of a signal from a woman that would give him the green light to call her. One too many times I hear from women, great date but he doesn’t call. What does it mean? The date went great, he had a fantastic time, laughed a lot; we kissed then he said, I’ll call you but doesn’t call. It’s been a week and I haven’t heard from him. What does it mean? Does it mean he likes me? Or does it mean he is a player? Did he really like me and how can I tell if he really likes me or just likes me ok? Is there a way to tell if he’ll call? And if so, when will he call?

The beginning stages of a relationship could put a woman through a turmoil not knowing whether the man likes her, and whether he will call and when. For that reason I have put together a very extensive book that deals with all kinds of questions women have about calling men in their lives, calling a new man, calling a man you’ve been dating for some time, and what does it mean when he stops calling.